Strabane Ramblers

Club Rules

Walkers travelling from Strabane to the walk destination agree to donate £5 each to the driver of the car for petrol. For the longer runs e.g. the Mournes, the donation is £10. Here are the ground rules:

  • A named member will lead each walk.
  • Walks take place every Sunday leaving the Fir Trees Car Park at 09.00am.
  • Each Sunday the walks will alternate between grade A/B walks and grade B/C walks.
  • A walking schedule will be published every three months.
  • Members may share.
  • The Walks Organiser will collect the names of those willing to lead a walk and call a meeting to publish the schedule.
  • Any walk may be modified at the leader’s discretion.
  • Everyone must have footwear, clothing, food and equipment appropriate to the weather and other conditions.
  • Leaders may refuse to allow anyone to join a walk if they consider them to be inadequately equipped or not fit enough for that walk.
  • Everyone is expected to keep together throughout the walk, and not to get ahead of the leader. Under no circumstances should anyone leave the group without first informing the leader and agreeing a safe route.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Dogs are not allowed on club walks.
  • In the event of an accident, leaders must give full details in writing to the secretary, including a list of all people on the walk. An accident report form must be completed.
  • All members shall exercise reasonable judgment onto their ability to undertake the activity.
  • All members should behave in a respectable manner towards all other party members, onlookers and the environment.
  • All members should express any concern for the activity to the party leader before attempting activity.
  • No Club member should expose themselves, or any other member to undue risk.
  • No club member is to be forced into a situation in which they feel uncomfortable or at risk.


Walk Grades Explained:

  • A – Easy  Mainly coastal or on forest tracks. Little or no climbing involved. Around 3-4 hours duration. Suitable for most reasonably active people.
  • B – Moderate  Can involve climbing (and descending) up to 500m, on rough wet terrain with no defined paths. Usually 4-5 hours duration. Suitable for experienced walkers with a good level of fitness.
  • C – Strenuous – Can involve in excess of 600 – 1000m of climbing and descening on rough, steep and wet terrain with a duration of between 5 and 7 hours walking. Suitable for experienced hillwalkers with a good level of fitness The group will walk at a pace close to the pace of the slowest walker, so please be mindful of this particularly if you are a faster walker.
  • D – Any walk including a scramble or involving ropework. (Only on organised events invloving qualified Mountain Leaders)
  • Our aim is to ensure that everyone who comes walking with us has an enjoyable day out. If you have any doubts about your fitness try A and B walks initially.